Inspired by the events in Taksim Square (Turkey) and the waves of protest concerning Gezi Park. What started out as a protest for some square meters of ground, has turned into a fight for liberation,from a government considered by many to be oppressive. “Taking Taksim” exhibits the ebb and flow of a process in movement…in the mind, in the heart and out on the streets!

The single which is due for official release on all major digital download stores within 4-6 weeks, can currently be found here on pre-release. The official video can be seen here

Written, Recorded and Produced in Italy by Robbie Tee
Mixed and Mastered in Poland by Soundcore Studios

The original ‘street action’ footage filmed in Turkey, was produced and supplied with the kind permission of RR to whom goes our eternal gratitude.

The single “We Go On” has been officially released on iTunes and we have decided to channel 50% of all proceeds from there to the WELLSPRING FAMILY SERVICES. As it has been stated before, Robbie Tee is in no way officially associated to Wellspring or any of its affiliates or employees. This is a completely independent effort to bring attention to  an organisation that has touched Robbie’s heart, simply through moving pictures. Read further to understand what Wellspring is all about…

Every night in King County, more than 2,000 children are homeless. Approximately 40,000 children witness violence at home each year. And 25% of the population experiences mental health issues. These are not merely sobering statistics; these are our neighbors.

Since 1892, Wellspring Family Services, a non-profit organization, continues to provide a breadth of services that address the sources of instability for families. We help homeless families find and hold onto a place to live, teach abusive partners non-violent behaviors, provide counseling for at-risk families and individuals, and empower parents to nurture their children. Together, we are building a community where children and families thrive.

Wellspring Family Services builds emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families and a non-violent community in which they can thrive. By addressing the overlapping issues of mental health challenges, domestic violence, and homelessness we get at the source of instability for families. Last year we served more than 9,000 children, adults and families in King County.

Go to the Wellspring website here to understand more about them.

Grab The Robbie Tee single on iTunes here and give your contribution to this cause.

The single “We Go On” is ready for download in exclusive from this website now! Grab the new Robbie Tee song BEFORE the official release on iTunes and Amazon in December 2012. Go to the ALBUMS page and download your copy for 0.99 cents.

New single “WE GO ON” From Upcoming 2013 Album!

“We Go On” is the brand new single ready for download on this website, starting now! The official release through iTunes and Amazon is set for mid to late December. The single is a sort of preview of the album entitled “Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday,” which is set for release early 2013. The single was inspired by the vision of a video for The Wellspring Family Services organisation, who help homeless children and broken families. In fact Robbie hopes to draw attention to this organization, who he believes are doing a fantastic job in helping the less fortunate.

The new album will also mark the return to the much appreciated sound produced on Robbie Tee’s top selling album,”Brave, New and Absurd.”  The songs are all centered around life’s hardships, iniquities and our absolute inability to create a better future for the masses and not just a select few.

The official video for “We Go On” should be posted to Youtube within the next few days.

Thanks to the success of “Acoustic Interludes & One”. Indy Alley Records have now moved over 300,000 Robbie Tee album sales in total. Astounding for and independent music artist. Robbie Tee in the meantime is working on his new album with the Mayan Prophecies. This will be a concept album crafted in progressive rock and hiphop beats! The album will also include guest artists from the USA, UK and Indonesia. The names of the featured artists will be announced shortly.

“Acoustic Interludes & One” is Coming!

Call it a brief interlude or slight deviation. This is an exploration into the jazz-fusion genre.  The new EP was recorded in 5 days, with no pre-written melodies or elaborated arrangements. The album is totally jammed…from the heart. It was recorded and produced during the snowiest winter ever recorded in Italy, but the sound and atmosphere of the album is absolutely geared towards the  hottest summer.

Hot sweaty picking, soloing and phrasing on an old acoustic to the beats of real drums, bass and piano like you rarely hear today. Being a totally solo work effort, all instruments on the album was played by Robbie. Acoustic Interludes & One features 4 acoustic guitar tracks plus 1 electric arrangement more reminiscent of other Robbie Tee works. The overall sound is warm, close-up and live and will definitely put a sparkle into your soul. This is typical music you’d listen to driving home from work along the freeway or just relaxing alongside your swimming pool.

The key is to turn it up loud and just let the rhythms and stylish Robbie Tee guitar wizardry grab and engulf you.

The album is set for official release during April-May 2012, but will be available on this website as a pre-release discounted download during the next few days.

So keep watching this space…


The new 2012 song “House On Fire” marks the return to a harder and funkier sound for the brand new upcoming album. The single which will be ready for download on this website (check albums page) soon, is already doing well on Youtube, averaging about 100 views a day. This is another sign that we’re starting to make bigger waves, considering that the prior Robbie Tee videos hardly had any viewers at all.

The road ahead is still a long one but the battle to create a commercial success independently is ever present, and the Robbie Tee team work all the avenues on a daily basis. In the end we’ll be sure to have put every effort into this project.

The new album which still has quite a bit of work to be done on it, does not at present have a release date and Robbie travels between Sweden, Switzerland and Italy to work on various tracks, but he is certain that this will be his best work to date. The final judgement will of course be left to fans and friends…and that cold object called the cash register.

In the meantime enjoy the “House On Fire” video on Youtube!

When the SG or “Solid Guitar” was introduced in 1961 as a replacement for the Les Paul, it was called the “fretless wonder” for its low frets and fast action. The twin horn cutaway design was like nothing on the market and its light but balanced weight made it the perfect guitar for stage and studio work. Later ‘60s models introduced the SG with humbucker pickups, and since then, the SG has become the go-to guitar for artists like The Who’s Pete Townshend, Tony Iommi, Paul Weller, AC/DC’s Angus Young, Eric Clapton and Derek Trucks of the Allman Brothers Band.

The Epiphone Goth G-400 has to be one of the most menacing looking guitars you’ll see. Bathed in Satin Pitch Black with open coil humbuckers and black nickel hardware, the Goth G-400 is truly one of the meanest and best guitar values you will find today. Every serious player wants an SG and here’s the real thing that sounds as good as it looks. The original SG not only rivaled guitars of its own era for sonic variety but also proved to be a sign of things to come. Hard rock, metal and scores of rockers embraced the original SG and made it a classic. Now, the G-400 gives you the sound and look of a real SG without the vintage price tag.

On my new single ” Never”, as on the entire upcoming new album,you’ll hear the sound of this little baby.

The model I have is a 2009 Epiphone G-400 Goth. Its features consist of 22 frets, a solid body, bevelled and cut in the shape of the famous SG, two tone controls and two volume controls (one volume and one tone for each pickup), a three-way position switch, and Grover tuners. It has two open coil Alnico Classic humbucker pickups, mahogany body and set neck of the same material, with the fretboard made from Rosewood. The twelfth fret inlay is XII ( the roman numeral for 12 for those of you not in the know), which of course adds to the gothic/metal rock feel to the guitar. The bridge is tune-o-matic which only adds to the beautiful simplicity of this great guitar.

The body is painted in a satin black, with all hardware in black. This guitar is very light. Of course, as with all SG’s, the head is heavier than the body, so when you’re wearing it on a strap and not playing, it might be an idea to just keep hold of the neck, so that it doesn’t swing down and hit something, this being something that I have done a couple of times.