This being the first post on my brand new website, I would like to thank and welcome you to my new home. Hopefully we’ll meet here on a number of occasions in the future to exchange opinions and discuss the music.

As explained on the homepage, we want this to be the meeting point for all Robbie Tee friends and fans. In fact you need look no further if you want to follow the latest news, events, or even if you want to listen to and buy the latest tracks.

I will also be posting unreleased material from time to time, which will either be free downloads or in some cases sold at very low prices to cover the production costs.  Remember that all prices found here are exclusive to this website. On iTunes, Amazon and the like you would have to pay the full prices as set down by that particular platform.

Soon I will also be launching a guitar course for beginners wanting to learn how to play this fantastic instrument. There are also many more ideas shifting around in our heads, but first we need to kick off and start the ball rolling.

So to get things going I’m giving away the single “NEVER” for free. Just go to the homepage and download it from the player at the bottom of the page.