Inspired by the events in Taksim Square(Turkey) and the waves of protest concerning Gezi Park. What started out as a protest for some square meters of ground, turned into a fight for liberation from a government considered to be oppressive. “Taking Taksim” exhibits the ebb and flow, of a process in movement…in the mind, in the heart and out on the streets!

The single “Taking Taksim” by Robbie Tee, released on Indy Alley Records, can be purchased form iTunes, Amazon and all major digital download stores worldwide.
Written, Recorded and Produced in Italy by Robbie Tee
Mixed and Mastered in Poland by Soundcore Studios
The original ‘street action’ footage filmed in Turkey, was produced and supplied with the kind permission of RR to whom goes our eternal gratitude.

Special thanks to Epiphone Guitars!