Onto Acoustic Interludes…

This is my first venture into the acoustic jazz-fusion genre, which I grew up on together with rock ‘n roll. Ever since I heard the album “Friday Night In San Francisco” with the guitar geniuses Paco De Lucia, Al Di Meola and John Mclaughlin, I’ve fantasized about making that kind of an album. This is not quite “that” album yet, but I’m quietly exploring the sound and techniques used there. Bear in mind that the three above-mentioned musos are god given talents and totally unreachable…ever! So I’m not trying to copy their works, but only the spirit and soul contained therein

“Acoustic Interludes & One” is Coming!

Call it a brief interlude or slight deviation. This is an exploration into the jazz-fusion genre.  The new EP was recorded in 5 days, with no pre-written melodies or elaborated arrangements. The album is totally jammed…from the heart. It was recorded and produced during the snowiest winter ever recorded in Italy, but the sound and atmosphere of the album is absolutely geared towards the  hottest summer.

Hot sweaty picking, soloing and phrasing on an old acoustic to the beats of real drums, bass and piano like you rarely hear today. Being a totally solo work effort, all instruments on the album was played by Robbie. Acoustic Interludes & One features 4 acoustic guitar tracks plus 1 electric arrangement more reminiscent of other Robbie Tee works. The overall sound is warm, close-up and live and will definitely put a sparkle into your soul. This is typical music you’d listen to driving home from work along the freeway or just relaxing alongside your swimming pool.

The key is to turn it up loud and just let the rhythms and stylish Robbie Tee guitar wizardry grab and engulf you.

The album is set for official release during April-May 2012, but will be available on this website as a pre-release discounted download during the next few days.

So keep watching this space…