The new 2012 song “House On Fire” marks the return to a harder and funkier sound for the brand new upcoming album. The single which will be ready for download on this website (check albums page) soon, is already doing well on Youtube, averaging about 100 views a day. This is another sign that we’re starting to make bigger waves, considering that the prior Robbie Tee videos hardly had any viewers at all.

The road ahead is still a long one but the battle to create a commercial success independently is ever present, and the Robbie Tee team work all the avenues on a daily basis. In the end we’ll be sure to have put every effort into this project.

The new album which still has quite a bit of work to be done on it, does not at present have a release date and Robbie travels between Sweden, Switzerland and Italy to work on various tracks, but he is certain that this will be his best work to date. The final judgement will of course be left to fans and friends…and that cold object called the cash register.

In the meantime enjoy the “House On Fire” video on Youtube!