Rock, pop and blues, it’s all in there. Robbie Tee brings his unique left handed guitar playing style to the masses. Instrumental rockers or melodious ditty’s are the specialty of the house. Music without boundaries or limits are all that matters. Genres are secondary. Robbie has always maintained that music is just “3 little chords and a heartbeat.”

Since his comeback a couple of years ago Robbie Tee has released 4 albums independently. All featuring various line-ups, including friends from his past musical 25 year musical experience.

With the advent of the powerful web and communication tools available to musicians today, Robbie has been able to relaunch a career that otherwise would have been doomed by the way major labels recruit their artists.

Finally the music is returning to it’s rightful owners and that is, the musicians. The major labels and their formal door closing tactics are fast disappearing. Digital downloads and mobile apps has opened more doors than any major label can ever hope to close, giving artists like Robbie Tee the right to be heard and appreciated by fans all over the world.